Ross vs Tim. All time classic golf match

Banter Tim

1st Team All MVC
May 29, 2014
If you have listened to the show in the last two months you have heard Ross and debating who is the best golfer. So Saturday we will settle it with an 18 hole match at Field Club. (I’m an 11 and Ross a 15). Because this is Ross’s home course and I have never played there we have agreed I will give Ross one stroke a side. It will be match play and we are still negotiating the stakes.

We thought it would be fun to have some silly prop bets and more importantly give all you a chance to win some stuff. So below are the bets. There are four with the first one worth two points and the other three one point. For everyone you get right you get the point value of the prop. The most points wins. If there is a tie, and that could will happen , we will draw for the winner. ( we have a tie breaker question). We will pick 3 winners— get your choice of free golf at Shoreline, free golf with Ross and I at Players Club ( has to be next year as no guests allowed this year ) or a $25 gift card to either Golf Galaxy, Austads or DJs.

Just post your guesses to the following questions
18 hole. Match play
1- (2 pts) who wins the match — Ross or Tim?
2-(1 pt) yes or no- will there be a birdie or better made?
3-(1 pt) name the hole the match will be won on
4-(1 pt) yes or no-will a hole be won with a boogie?
Tie breaker-number of pars Tim makes

Tee time is 11:40. We will update the progress here and on Twitter. Thx.

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