Banter Tim

1st Team All MVC
May 29, 2014
Ever wondered what it's like to be in the NCAA selection room a few days before Selection Sunday? What tools do Ras and the boys use to select the teams? What's the process,discussion like?

Well here's your chance to enjoy a simulation of the selection committee and process. Sometime ( date to be determined- Late Jan- Feb time frame- a Sat or Sun) we will have a mock selection process. We will have it in one of the party rooms at DJs Dugout on 114th. ( unlike the selection committee beverages can be consumed) This will of course will be a shortened session jamming 4 days into 3-4 hours depending on the number of people and how in depth we go.

What I need to know now is how many people are interested, what days or dates do or don't work for you ( Jan 20th thru Feb 27th) (Sat or Sunday) am thinking 11-3pm but whatever works for you guys. Nights will probably not work but I guess a Friday 6-10pm would work. ( only issue is we have a lot of Sat home games in that time frame so we'd have to work around them.)

At any rate if you are interested pm me here, leave a note here and I can contact you or shoot me an email at

Trust me guys this is a lot of fun and you learn about the process as well. DJs will pitch in some grub as well. Thanks and let me know

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